Maren Gleason L.C.S.W.

Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist

Family, Couples, Adolescent, Child & Individual Therapy

12 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 110, San Ramon, CA 94583


Therapy or Counseling . . .

●   Provides a safe place for family members to voice their concerns and express
      their unique perspectives
●   Develops satisfying and supportive relationships
●   Supports the development of new ways to understand and communicate with
      each other
●   Can improve family functioning for a lifetime and on into the next generation    

I provide help by seeing the whole family in the room together and not assuming any one person is the cause of all the problems.  I work collaboratively with families, building upon each person's strengths to find solutions to problems you want to address.

I provide counseling for all kinds of families:
    Blended Families
    Adoptive Families
    Step Families

Sometimes in the course of family therapy, it becomes apparent that couples therapy would help. Click here for more information on Couples/Relationship therapy.